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Internet Strategy Development

  • Need help defining your Internet Strategy?
  • Unsure of how to exploit the potential of ecommerce?
  • Thinking of advertising online but unsure where to start?
  • Looking to grow a significant Internet business within a few years?

Zestard  provide Internet Strategy Advice for a variety of businesses and organisations seeking to exploit the Internet for advertising or business development.

Internet Strategy Advice

This may include one or more of:

  • Business Strategy
  • Internet Marketing Strategy (including International Marketing if relevant)
  • Viral Marketing (Web2.0 and social networks)
  • eCommerce
  • Systems Development

Internet Strategies

The Internet is now such an important part of business life, that all organisations dealing with businesses, and most dealing with consumers should be considering their Internet Strategy. For an increasing number of organisations this is identical to the main business strategy as the Internet is where most of the business processes take place. For others, the Internet forms a significant part of either their operations (email, acquiring supplies) or sales (marketing or selling) that it should form part of the business strategy.
Increasingly the Internet is being used as a cost effective solution for many of the business operations or administration functions. Examples of day to day office working include file sharing, online backup and customer relationship management (CRM). More specialised functions are increasingly being outsourced such as payroll, book keeping, accounting and IT management.
There are now many businesses (such as ours) that rely almost exclusively on the Internet for business. Effective Internet Strategies need to consider:

  • Operations - this obviously includes the systems required for your business to operate, but it should also include some kind of risk assessment or backup plan for when these systems do not operate!
  • Marketing - focusing on the short, medium and long term. The search engines are so important here that strategies need to be robust to changes in search engine algorithm. If email marketing is important then strategies to deal with evolving spam and security issues are required.


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