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CakePHP Development

CakePHP is a free, open-source, rapid development framework for php. Acting as a foundational structure for web application development, CakePHP aims to enable programmers to work in a structured and rapid manner–without loss of flexibility.

CakePHP provides one with all tools to get started on coding the logic(specific to each project) and helps eliminate repetition in code development. CakePHP supports a developer in every aspect of the application starting from user’s initial request to final rendering of a web page. With its basic organization structure (folder structure and naming conventions), CakePHP provides consistency and logic and flow to an application.

Supported by an active developer team and community, CakePHP ensures that application has a robust base, a well tested core and is constantly being improved upon.  Following the principle of MVC, it enables easy customization and extension of most aspects of a web application.

Zestard works with the CakePHP framework and delivers to you simple, powerful, organized and robust applications at budgeted costs and timeline. Below mentioned are our services with rapid CakePHP  application development:

  • CakePHP Development
  • CakePHP website development and maintenance
  • CakePHP CMS
  • CakePHP Integration
  • CakePHP Customization
  • Custom Module Development
  • CakePHP Extension Development
  • CakePHP Ajax based Shopping Cart
  • CakePHP Component development
  • CakePHP website development and maintenance
  • Server Configuration & Deployment

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It is a pleasure to have worked with Anuj at Zestard. We were needing someone to work on our website and his company was referred to us by another client. We constantly get compliments on how our website looks. I can say that he has the technical expertise in this field. He was able to develop our website according to our specifications. He was true to the time frame that we agreed and provided support afterwards if we had any issues. I would highly recommend Anuj and their company for any website development to friends and family.

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